Don’t elect self-serving individuals into 9th Assembly -Emenike

Dickson Okafor

Ndubuisi Emenike is the founder of Ndubuisi Emenike Foundation (NEF) and candidate of Action Alliance (AA) for Imo North Senatorial District. He speaks on his aspiration.

What attracted you to politics?

First and foremost, from where I come from there is no government presence in the area. That is what inspired me to go into politics to fight and ensure that my people get what rightfully belong to them in terms of dividends of democracy.

But there people who have been representing your constituency at various levels of governance, are you saying that they have not been able to attract projects to your constituency?

You are free to go round Imo North Senatorial District and see if you can find any Federal Government project, rather, you will see state government projects all over the area. I stand to be corrected, as far as I’m concerned, nothing has been done to attract federal presence in the area.

What do you think is responsible for their lack of performance?

They have refused to serve the people rather, the people are serving them. Governance is all about serving the people and also guarantees their welfare. So I’m going to the National Assembly to bring about the dividend of democracy to my people who have been denied quality and effective representation since the inception of the present political dispensation. It is the people’s right to good governance; it is the right of the people to have good drinking water, steady power supply, quality and affordable health care, qualitative education, good roads and employment opportunity for our youths. They don’t need to beg for it. These are necessary and basic amenities every Nigerian is entitled to.

And you think Action Alliance (AA) is the platform through which you can provide all these to your constituents?  

Yes, I can provide all of these in AA as the people are now familiar with AA as the vehicle we are using to get to power. People make up political parties

It is the people that are actually going to vote that count. Uche Nwosu is a vibrant and an experienced young man who we all know is going to deliver the dividends of democracy to the people of the state. So, we are all doing our best to win the confidence of the electorate. Also, I’m young and what we are trying to do is put things on track.

Many think you would have started from the state House of Assembly, why senate where you have a lot of big wigs running?

I don’t understand what you mean by big wigs? Everybody in the race is a big wig. Those people you call big wigs have not impacted the people positively. It is all about the people not big wigs

Why do you want to go to the Senate?

I want to make a change in my zone; I want to lay a foundation that has not been laid properly. I want to make the system work. The people who live in glass house don’t throw stones.

What will your people expect from you in the first 100 days if elected Senator?

The change process commences immediately I’m elected into office. I will sponsor bills and motions that will impact the people positively. You can see we don’t have good roads, clean water, health centre, no employment opportunity for young school leavers and equipped schools.

What is your assessment of the 8th Assembly?

They have done their best, but the 9th assembly which by the grace of God I will be part of will improve on the achievements of the present National Assembly.

My advice to Nigerians is that they should not vote for jobbers and people who have no legitimate means of livelihood as their representatives. They should elected self-made men and women as their representatives. It is then you can have more selfless individuals in the 9th Assembly. If things are done properly, the system will take shape and Nigerians will begin to feel the impact of good governance.

Are you sure AA will fly in Imo?

We will win all the positions including the governorship position in Imo State because Uche Nwosu is young and experienced to lead the state. He has shown capacity to govern right from his school days and youths are all behind him to ensure there is generational change in the leadership of the state.

Are you confident that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) will conduct free and fair elections?  

Yes, I’m sure the electoral umpire will conduct a transparent election. This time our vote must count and the best way for INEC to enthrone a popular government is to be sincere.

Why did your party adopt President Muhammadu Buhari as its presidential candidate when he has been described by some persons as incompetent?

To the best of my knowledge, three and half years are not enough time to make the desire change because from the president’s scorecard, he has done well within this period. I believe if given another term, Buhari will transform Nigeria.

You think Igbo will vote for President Buhari when the region has been offered the position of the vice president?

Let’s tell ourselves the truth, Igbo have benefitted more under President Buhari’s three and half years than PDP’s 16 years. The speed at which work is going on in the Second Niger Bridge is a clear testimony of what I mean. The pace of work in the Onitsha/Enugu and Port Harcourt/Aba   highway is awesome.  Like I said earlier, three and half years in not enough time to repair the damaged economy APC inherited from PDP. So, I urge Igbo to re-elect Buhari for him to consolidate on these achievements. One thing you must know is that, people no longer loot the treasury as was the case in the past and this man has blocked all the channels through which public funds were siphoned in the past.

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